Working with Modern Working

Working with Modern Working

We want to up-front at every opportunity when working with Modern Working. We believe in making in crystal clear what our sales process looks like and any associated costs before you decide to engage with us.

If you just want the highlights and pricing click here. If you want more detail please keep reading.

Not for Everyone

Modern Working will not be a good fit for every company and we are understand that helping you rule us out is as important as those that want to work with us.

If you need instant results then we are not the right company for you. If you are not prepared to potentially change then again we are not a great fit for you.

Discovery Call

To start working with us you will need to complete a free discovery call. This call takes around 20 mins and can be completed over a video call, Skype call or even a simple phone call.

This call is an opportunity to understand your challenges and goals and for you ask any questions you may have. This is effectively a chance to interview each other and make sure we both feel that we can achieve your goals.

Should we both agree that there is a good fit this call will be followed by proposal for a full Digital Discovery Session.

Digital Discovery Session

This is a a project that takes place over 3 days and looks like the following:

  1. Research into what current sales process looks like and what you marketing says about your business.
  2. A full one day session to discuss the findings and specifics of your growth plans and where they could be gaps and potential improvements.
  3. A report of the complete findings and recommendations and if required accompanying proposals of suggested consultancy to enable your growth plans.

The price of a Digital Discovery Session is £750. This payment is due in advance of the process starting.

Further Consultancy

The Digital Discovery Session might be all you require. It will give you a much clearer idea of where you need to be going and what you need to get there.

Equally should you require any help to train staff, create processes, or implement systems we can provide this in the form of consultancy which is agreed in advance and paid for in advance.

Consultancy is charged at £350 per day + expenses.

After any paid for work we will ask you to complete a survey to let us know if you believe that we delivered on our promise and you got value for money.

Our Promise

If at any point you do not feel that you are getting complete value for money and you take the time to let us know and still after 30 days you still feel that we have still not got it right we will give you your money back for that last months total consultancy bill up to the value of £1000.

Ready to start working with Modern Working?

If all of the above sounds good and you believe that Modern Working is the right partner to help your business grow then we would love to talk to you by clicking here.

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