Value Proposition Design

Are you still relevant?

Why your product or service? Why your company? Why should your customers care?

What problem are you solving?

Have you taken the time to actually understand the tasks, pains and gains your product or service is actually providing for?

Who are you actually helping?

Have you taken the time to understand who are you serving and who cares about that persons tasks, pains and gains?

Do you have a product/market fit?

Does your product or service actually solve a problem that people will pay to solve?

Why should you care about this?

Many small businesses fall into the trap of not taking the time to understand how their customers and prospects think. As a result they create and market products and services that they care about without really understanding who their customer is and what the customer is actually looking to achieve. This leads to less new prospects and unhappy customers.

How do we solve this?

A series of workshops that will help you understand in details exactly who your ideal customer is, the tasks, pains and gains that matter to them and how your product or service aligns or could align to them. Helping you define a clear message to your prospects and customers about how you deliver value to them.

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